28 - 30 January 2020

Charlottesville, Virginia, USA


This meeting will be the second in The Future of High-Resolution Radio Interferometry in Space series and will discuss new science and technology developments related to performing space interferometry.  A special focus will be placed on both the results from the Event Horizon Telescope and recent space missions demonstrating the viability of interferometry with baselines larger than the Earth.  More information can be found on the meeting website.



02-05 February 2020

Schloss Ringberg

Kreuth, Germany


APEX has recently been improved by a series of upgrades, and the telescope is not only a good wide-field submillimeter survey telescope but also a pathfinder telescope for ALMA.  This meeting will discuss the new science being done with APEX as well as new science opportunities for future research.



30 March - 01 April 2020

Hotel Le Saint Paul

Nice, France


New developments in sumbillimeter and millimeter instrumentation in the past few years have led to great advances into the detection of molecular and atomic lines, which has fueled new research into the interstellar medium.  This conference will bring together astronomers from a broad range of fields to discuss new research in both galactic and extragalactic submillimeter/millimeter astronomy as well as provide perspectives on future research.