13-17 May 2018

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


This meeting will cover a broad range of topics related to both observations of Solar System objects and observations of other protoplanetary and planetary systems.  As the meeting is being organized by NRC Herzberg and the North American ALMA Science Center, a heavy emphasis will be placed on ALMA observations and ALMA-related science.  Additionally, the conference will discuss results form the New Horizons spacecraft.  Additional information is available on the meeting website.



03-07 June 2019

Castelo do Santiago da Barra

Viana do Castelo, Portugal


Based on results from older telescopes, it is now known that most star and galaxy formation took place before z=2. ALMA and the James Webb Space Telescope will take this field of research further, allowing astronomers to study the gas, dust, and stars within these high-redshift galaxies and to understand the formation and evolutionary processes in the early universe. Both observers and theorists are invited to contribute to the symposium.



03-05 July 2019


Garching, Germany

While ALMA is already the world's premier millimetre and submillimetre astronomical facility, new upgrades are needed to advance the observatory's capabilities.  This meeting will bring people together to discuss new potential developments for ALMA, especially in the context of the ALMA development roadmap.



22-26 July 2019

Sexten Centre for Astrophysics

Sexten, Italy


This workshop will bring together observers working with ALMA to plan for observing with the next generation of high angular resolution optical and near-infrared telescopes (JWST and ELT).  The focus will be on how to use the high angular resolution from each of these telescopes to perform multiwavelength spectroscopic science.  Aside from the focus on this specific technique, astronomers from any scientific background are invited to attend, although the number of participants in the workshop will be limited.




12-16 August 2019

Lorentz Center

Leiden, Netherlands


The combination of data from inteferometric radio/millimetre arrays and single antennas has become increasingly common in recent years, yet the process remains technically challenging. This workshop will bring together people with a range of expertise in these techniques to discuss the various ways of combining these data. Additionally, the workshop will include hands-on sessions for testing the various data combination methods.



26-29 August 2019

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

Dublin, Ireland


The annual Young European Astronomers Conference brings together early career astronomers to discuss new science results in radio astronomy. This year's conference is being hosted by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. More information is available on the meeting website.



02-06 September 2019

Bologna, Italy


ALMA has opened up new possibilities in studying the interstellar medium in galaxies, ranging from detailed measurements of the properties of molecular clouds in nearby galaxies to surveys of gas in high-redshift sources.  This meeting will bring people together to discuss the latest results from ALMA's investigation of these topics as well as the way forward in this field of research.