30 March - 01 April 2020

Hotel Le Saint Paul

Nice, France


New developments in sumbillimeter and millimeter instrumentation in the past few years have led to great advances into the detection of molecular and atomic lines, which has fueled new research into the interstellar medium.  This conference will bring together astronomers from a broad range of fields to discuss new research in both galactic and extragalactic submillimeter/millimeter astronomy as well as provide perspectives on future research.



20-24 April 2020

University of Exeter, Exeter, UK


Building on both advancements in multiwavelength interferometry and new developments in time-domain astrophysics, this meeting will bring together people from both optical/near-infrared backgrounds and subimillimetre/millimetre/radio backgrounds to discuss the current research and future potential of interferometry for studying topics including exoplanets, planet and star formation, the Galactic centre, and AGN.



03 July 2020

Leiden, Netherlands


This special session at the 2020 meeting of the European Astronomical Society will bring together both users and EU ALMA Regional Centre staff.  The discussion in this session will include the latest scientific results from ALMA, the latest software and tools from ALMA, and the support available to ALMA users.  Additional emphasis will be placed on exploring and developing new collaborations between the EU ARC and the broader astronomical community.



28 September - 02 October 2020

Puerto Varas, Chile


This meeting is the seventh in an ongiong series of symposia on the interstellar medium that have been held every five yeas since 1988.  The conference covers a broad range of subjects ranging from high-redshift galaxies to local star forming regions.  The numer of participants is limited to 250 people.  More information is available from the conference website.



09-13 November 2020

Waseda University

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

This meeting will focus on the latest results on high-redshift galaxies from ALMA.  The topics will include the epoch of reionization, high-spatial resolution studies, blind surveys, simulations of high-redshift galaxies, and measurement of the physical properties of the galaxies.  Registration is possible at this website.



07-11 December 2020

Puerto Varas, Chile


ALMA as well as other telescopes have pushed the boundaries on what is known about planet formation by producing resolved images of protoplanetary discs, revealing rings, gaps, and spiral structures not seen before.  This workshop seeks to bring together researchers to discuss these new findings and to explore the new paradigm of planet formation as well as to plan observations with the next generation of telescopes.