A new class of astronomy postgraduate strudents will be starting their studies this autumn, and many students will be working with ALMA data.  The purpose of this workshop is to help new students get started with their ALMA research.

The workshop will be conducted by staff from the UK ALMA Regional Centre (ARC) Node.  Because of the ongoing issues with COVID-19, the workshop will be conducted virtually using Zoom

The workshop will be scheduled as a series of half-day sessions running an entire week and will cover the following topics:

  • An introduction to ALMA
  • An introduction to radio interferometry
  • An overview on using the ALMA Archive
  • Calibrating and inspecting data from the ALMA archive
  • Imaging ALMA data
  • Data analysis

At the end of the workshop, UK ARC Node staff will be available to help with any questions related to participants' specific research.


Computing Requirements

Part of this workshop will consist of presentations,  and some activities can be done with a simple web browser.  However, to work on the data calibration and analysis activities, participants will need access to a computer running CASA.  This software is available for both Linux and Mac but unfortunately not for Windows.

Students with a personal Linux or Mac computer can potentially use their own computer for the workshop's hands-on activities. In these situations, UK ARC Node staff are available to help with the installation of CASA.

Other students may want to talk to IT support staff about remotely accessing computers that can run CASA; we recommend using Virtual Network Computing (VNC) to do this.  UK ARC Node staff can talk to IT support staff about the installation of CASA on institutional computers but can only provide limited help with remote computer access.


Pre-Registration Survey

Survey Link

To set the dates for the workshop and to identify what specific needs people may have, any interested students should fill in this poll.  We will announce further details about the meeting by the end of September.