22-26 March 2021





The purpose of this workshop is to help new ALMA users get started with their research, with a particular emphasis on proposal preparation for Cycle 8. The workshop will be conducted virtually using Zoom by staff from the UK ALMA Regional Centre (ARC) Node.  Although the workshop is aimed at UK researchers, participants from other countries are welcome to join.

The workshop will be scheduled as a series of half-day sessions running an entire week and will cover the following topics:

  • An introduction to ALMA and radio interferometry
  • ALMA proposal preparation
  • Using the ALMA Archive
  • Calibrating and imaging ALMA data

At the end of the workshop, UK ARC Node staff will be available to help with any questions related to participants' specific research or to provide further assistance with proposal preparation




Monday, 22 March

10:00 Welcome and Introductions
10:30 Introduction to ALMA
11:00 Introduction to Interferometry
12:30 Introduction to the Observing Support Tool (the online ALMA simulation tool)
12:00 Break
12:30 Introduction to the Observing Tool (the GUI used for preparing observing proposals)
14:00 Optional Proposal Preparation Assistance
16:00 End


Tuesday, 10 November

10:00 Introduction to CASA
10:45 Introduction to the ALMA Archive
12:00 Break
12:30 Examining Downloaded Data (including an introduction to using ALMA's image viewers)
14:00 End


Wednesday, 11 November

10:00 Examining Downloaded Data (continued)
11:30 Science Talk (Ana Karla Diaz Rodriguez)
12:00 Break
12:30 Imaging
14:00 End


Thursday, 12 November

10:00 Imaging (continued)
11:30 Science Talk (George Bendo)
12:00 Break
12:30 Imaging (continued)
14:00 End


Friday, 13 November

10:00 Optional Assistance withn Imaging



Pre-Workshop Downloads

UK ARC Node staff are available to help with the installation of CASA and any other software needed for the workshop.  We will be contacting participants before the workshop to set up Zoom calls to help with the software installation.


CASA 5.6.1

To work on the data calibration, imaging, and analysis activities, participants will need access to a computer running CASA version 5.6.1.  (Although newer versions of CASA are available, they cannot be used to pipeline-calibrate ALMA data.)  This software is available for both Linux and Mac but unfortunately not for Windows.

Download Link


ALMA Observing Tool (OT)

One of the workshop sessions is based on using the ALMA Observing Tool, which is used to submit proposals but which is also useful for understanding how ALMA observations are configured.  This can be installed on either Windows, Mac, or Linux computers.

When the Cycle 8 version of the Observing Tool is released, we will post a link to it here.



CARTA is a new image viewer that will eventually replace the current image viewer in CASA.  It operates very smoothly, but because it is still under development, it is missing some functions.

Download Link



Registration Form

Please register by 17 March so that we can ensure that you are prepared for the workshop.