ALMA Cycle 7 Call for Proposals announcement

The Joint ALMA Observatory is pleased to announce the opening of the Cycle 7 call for proposal period. The call commences today (19th March 2019) with a deadline of 17th April 2019 (15:00UT). Observation of Cycle 7 projects will start in October 2019 and continue for 12 months, with 4300 hours of 12m time and 3750 hours of ACA time available.

The full information relating to the announcement, ALMA Cycle 7 capabilities and proposal types can be found in the official call for proposals.

If you require any assistance with your ALMA Cycle 7 proposal preparation the UK ARC Node are happy to help. We are hosting a community day on the 26th March (see next news item) to which all are welcome. Otherwise all our contact information is available at the end of this newsletter.


UK ALMA Community Day: Cycle 7 Preparation

26 March 2019

Jodrell Bank Centre for Astronomy, The University of Manchester

Manchester, United Kingdom


The UK ARC Node is please to announce the UK ALMA Community Day: Cycle 7 Preparation Workshop to the UK astronomical community. This one day meeting will provide an overview of ALMA's new capabilities (VLBI and Solar observations) and existing capabilities and include hands-on ALMA proposal preparation for the ALMA Cycle 7 proposal call. The agenda will also cover what to consider and expect when proposing and how to complete Phase 1 and Phase 2 ALMA proposals, which is ideal for new ALMA users but which also can be a refresher for more experienced people.

The Cycle 7 proposal call will be announced on 19th March with a deadline of 17th April 2019.


Observation Support Tool Version 7 released

The UK ARC Node are please to announce the release of the OST version 7. This is the latest release of the online ALMA simulation tool. The tool is accessible from

This new version for the Cycle 7 call for proposals retains all the OST previous functionality (e.g. continuum and spectral cube simulation and Stokes cube handling) but now also includes the Cycle 7 antenna configurations (listed as Cycle 7 & 6 C43-X values in the webform) and a new antenna configuration feature. This new feature allows users to upload their own ALMA antenna configurations as a .txt file. This allows for simulations to be conducted which exactly match the array configurations used in your existing (or archival) ALMA data, making comparison between predicted models and true observations more realistic.

For more information on this new feature please refer to the OST help page.