ALMA Cycle 4 Underway

The beginning of October saw the start of ALMA Cycle 4 observations, which will now run until the end of September 2017. The cycle started with the array in an extended array (C40-6) configuration. Thank-you from the UK ARC Node Contact Scientists to all Cycle 4 PIs for getting their Phase II Scheduling Blocks in on time, given the new phase II procedures this year. Once your data arrives, the UK ARC staff are available to help with any data reduction queries you may have.


UK ALMA "Bring Your Own Data" Workshop

21-25 November 2016

Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics

Manchester, United Kingdom

UK ALMA data users are invited to this data reduction/processing event at Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics (UoM campus) to explore and work on either their own ALMA data or archival data with the assistance of UK ARC Node personnel and ARC Node computing resources.

The workshop will be a freeform event focussed on data processing, with each group setting their own goals and with an afternoon of short talks at the end of the week. For this workshop, the UK ARC Node can support up to 8 groups (of greater than one person per group) and up to a maximum number of attendees of 20 people. As such, sign up will be on a first come first served basis.

The workshop webpage has more details and an expression of interest form.


ALMA Band 1 Science Workshop

16-18 January 2017


Taipei, Taiwan


The new ALMA Band 1 receiver is an ALMA development project lead by East Asia as a collaboration of ASIAA, NAOJ, NRAO, and the Universidad de Chile that will provide access to the 35-51 GHz frequency window at high angular resolution and sensitivity from the southern hemisphere. Several key science cases have been proposed for study with the Band 1 Science Case. The two main scientific goals of the ALMA Band 1 project are the study of the evolution of grains in protoplanetary disks, from mm to cm sizes, and the detection of molecular line emission from high-redshift galaxies, tracing molecular emission from redshifts z~1-10.

The ALMA Band 1 Development Project was approved by the ALMA Board in April 2016. The first three prototype receivers are being finished and the production phase of the ALMA Band 1 receivers will start in early 2017 with full delivery planned for December 2019. The ALMA Band 1 Science workshop will provide the first opportunity to show the exciting new science ALMA Band 1 can deliver and to start preparing for the first observing proposals in ALMA's lowest frequency band.

The ALMA Band 1 Science Workshop will take place at the ASIAA (Academia Sinica, Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics) in Taipei (Taiwan) from January 16 to 18 2017. It will consist of invited talks on the main scientific goals, plus contributed talks.

To obtain more information about the workshop and to access the registration forms, please go to the conference website.