ALMA Status Report August 2015

ALMA has released its latest Status Report, the topics within cover Cycle 2 observing progress, data reduction and delivery progress, an "Extension and Optimization of Capabilities (EOC)" commissioning update, a summary of Cycle 3 submitted proposals and preparations for Cycle 4. 

The report can be downloaded at this webpage.


ALMA Cycle 3 User Survey Results

The results of the fourth ALMA user survey have been released. The survey sought feedback relating to project preparation and submission, such as proposal tool usability, the ALMA helpdesk and interaction with ARC/ARC Nodes. 

The survey was conducted between 1st May and the 1st June 2015, there were 536 responses a number covering approximately 44% of Cycle 3 PIs. Overall the user satisfaction level is high, particularly for interaction with ARC/ARC Nodes.

For a break down of results please see this webpage.